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As an experienced straight male escort, I’m committed to delivering the best possible service. I consider myself to be a true French Gentleman: though this isn’t something I say lightly. I’m conscientious and am constantly learning from the wonderful and amazing women I meet. I pride myself on being a good conversationalist, so if you’re worried about awkward silences, then leave it to me. I’m also a great listener.

Exercising both body and mind ensures that I maintain the stamina for a rich and fruitful lifestyle and that I can continue to add new skills to my repertoire. 

I try not to take life too seriously. That said, my warm and fun-loving demeanour in no way compromises my professionalism, and I operate with strict integrity and discretion. I’m considerate and reliable, and I live and work by the values of honesty, respect, courtesy and kindness. You may pay for my time, but these values come for free.



My pleasure is to make you feel relaxed and satisfied.

Just remember, this experience is all about you. If you can’t decide what to do, let me take away some of the stress and take the reins. I offer a range of packages or can tailor a completely unique service to suit your personal needs. Simply get in touch. I love to chat, so don’t be shy. This could be the start of your next adventure!


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